Approximately the same legend as the one of Muggensturm is told about the Dilsberg, a mountain fortress above Neckargemünd. This castle, too, has allegedly repelled a hostile assault by merely hurling beehives down at the attackers, whose inhabitants savaged the besieging forces.

In the year 1799, the French sought to take this fortress as well, but they were thrown back by the recuperating invalids stationed there as well as a mob of farmers from the Odenwald region. They suffered losses of more than 70 dead. People still show the so-called “Franzosenhügel” (“Frenchmen’s Hill”) where these corpses rest.

Source: Schnezler, A. Badisches Sagen-Buch. Zweite Abtheilung: Von der Ortenau bis zum Mainthal. 1846, p. 565.

Notes & Commentary: Fortresses of Baden