Hackelnberg was a forester in Neuhaus im Solling. He once dreamed three nights in a row that he would shoot a large boar, but that the boar would kill him in turn. His wife thus pleaded with him to stay at home, and he did so. The others, however, went hunting and killed a large boar. When they returned from the hunt in the evening and the large boar was brought into the yard, Hackelberg went outside, grabbed its head, and lifted it up. While doing so, he spoke the words: “So you are the one who wanted to kill me, and now you have been slain yourself!” But as he let the head of the boar drop again, one of its tusks scratched his leg. The wound, which was initially ignored, worsened until he died from it. In his death throes, Hackelberg proclaimed that since he now had to die without having gone on the hunt, he wanted to hunt forever from now on. Since then, he hunts across the sky until the ends of the world. Every seven years he completes one round trip. The Night Raven flies ahead of him and cries its “har, har!” - it is of unusually great size - and then the dogs arrive and bark “yip, yap, yip yap!”, and then Hackelnberg himself arrives and shouts “to hoh, to hoh!”, but he is invisible.

Source: Schambach, G. and Müller, W. Niedersächsische Sagen und Märchen. 1855, p. 70.