[Muggensturm] is a market town on the road from Karlsruhe to the Favorite estate, about three hours away from Baden-Baden. It is an ancient place. It is still possible to see the remains of Roman brick walls, and the Roman-Aurelian country and military road went through this area. The Magdalene Chapel lies in front of the town, in the direction of Baden-Baden, and this chapel receives a lot of visitors on certain holidays. The rubble of the walls of a medieval castle are still visible there. According to legend, this castle was once under siege. However, the besieging forces were greeted with beehives hurled down at them, whose agitated inhabitants harried them so much that they had to flee hurriedly. This was allegedly the origin of the town’s name, but a more likely reason is that, during the summer months, people are constantly assailed by vast midge swarms (“Muggensturm” = “midge storm”).

(Compare with G. Klüber’s “Beschreibung von Baden und Umgegend.”, p. 270 of the second volume.)

Source: Schnezler, A. Badisches Sagen-Buch. Zweite Abtheilung: Von der Ortenau bis zum Mainthal. 1846, p. 315.

Notes & Commentary: Fortresses of Baden