The Billy Goat of Büntlitten

A fiery billy goat is frequently seen at night in the Büntlitten area near Dornbirn, and this billy goat is thus called the “Büntlittenbock”. Illuminated by the bright glow of its flames, it jumps down from the heights, then back and forth again - an eerie sight! In this manner, it must glow and jump until its hour is past, whereupon it vanishes behind the hill. This spirit has been seen for two hundred years, and it is suspected that it was a man who has committed field sacrilege, or moved boundary markers.

Source: Vonbun, F. J. Die Sagen Vorarlbergs nach schriftlichen und mündlichen Überlieferungen. 1889, p. 115.

Notes & commentary: Bearers of Stones