The Devil Fetches a Lovesick Cleric at Freiberg

(After Camerarius, Horae subcisivae. Cent. I No 70. Moller, Vol. II., p. 19.)

Once, a theologian at the monastery school in Freiberg fell deeply for a beautiful maiden. Since he was unable to seduce her to his will, he sought advice and assistance with a practitioner of the black arts. The latter pulled him into a circle and started his usual incantations. The Devil, who does not have be pleaded for long to participate in such travesties, quickly appeared in the form of the maiden and acted in such a manner that the young man, who had been half-maddened by his lust, deluded himself that the object of his affections had appeared before him. Thus, he jumped up and reached for her outside of the circle with his hand. But this was to his misfortune and doom, for immediately the Devil pulled him towards him and threw him against the wall in such a manner that he died instantly. However, the Devil did not spare the practitioner of the black arts either, but took hold of the smashed body and threw it back into the circle with such force that the latter became frozen in place due to it and spent the rest of the night whimpering on the ground. He was found the next morning half dead and was brought to justice in an appropriate manner afterwards.

Source: Gräße, J.G.T. Der Sagenschatz des Königreichs Sachsen. Zweite verbesserte und sehr vermehrte Auflage. Erster Band, 1874, p. 250.