The Glowing Man at the Zehntscheune

Near Lützenkirchen there is a lone house at the boundary of a forest which is called the Zehntscheune (“tithe barn”), presumably because the tithe needed to be delivered there. In the meadow behind the house is a rather regular hill with traces of old ditches or ponds. On this hill a glowing man is reputed to show up at certain times during darkness who guards the treasures that can be found within the hill. This man was allegedly a noble during his life who oppressed the people of the area with the establishment of the tithe. Because of this he must now haunt this site after his death. The money, which he buried within this hill while he still lived and now guards after his death, can be dug up. But this is a frightening task. Whoever wants to undertake it must work throughout the entire night and may not say a single word. Additionally, gigantic millstones hang over his head suspended by a thread which devils race through as if they want to crush them down on the bold treasure hunter at any moment. If there is even the slightest cry of fear, the treasure and perhaps the life of the treasure digger are forfeit.

Source: Schell, O. Bergische Sagen, 1897. p. 235.

Notes & commentary: Fiery Men