The God-Fearing Carter

Many people have seen a wandering lantern on the Lichtenstein hill near Dorste. In this area, a freight carter once had a minor accident, and wished: “Oh, if I had a lantern here! Then I could easily repair this!” Then, suddenly, the lantern was next to him and shone as brightly as three lamps. Then, the carter quickly restored his cart to its proper working order, and, when he was finished, he wished for the one who had shone for him “three times Heaven and eternal bliss”. Then a voice sounded out: “God made you say that, for I have waited for these words for many centuries.” The voice also recommended that, if he were to receive illumination from an invisible hand again in the future, he should not ask who it was. Then the voice fell silent. But it remained bright enough that the carter was able to see the road until he reached Osterode.

Source: Pröhle, H. Harzsagen zum Teil in der Mundart der Gebirgsbewohner. 1896, p. 202f.

Notes & Commentary: Lighting the Way to Paradise