The Half-White, Half-Black Maiden of the Untersberg

A man living in Grödig near Salzburg lived in strife with his wife and was treated badly by her. He went to the Frauenhöhle (“Women's Cave”) at the Untersberg and spent the night there. During this night, a maiden who was half white, half black appeared, and he told her that he and his wife fought with each other. The maiden sat down next to him and engaged him in deep discussion. When he wanted to leave, she told him because he had behaved in an agreeable manner with her, he should go home and there he would find his wife in an agreeable manner as well. And indeed, this was the case.

Source: Panzer, F. Bayerische Sagen und Bräuche. Beitrag zur deutschen Mythologie. Erster Band, 1848, p. 14.

Notes & Commentary: Weird Locations: The Untersberg, Part 1