The Haunt on the Harth

There is a spirit haunting the forest of Malberg, which also called “auf der Harth” (“on the Harth”), and many people could tell of the pranks he played on them. A Capuchin monk thus led the spirit away from this spot, and to another, where he could no longer bother anyone. A woman, who was part of the procession, told the Capuchin: “Let me see the spirit.” The Capuchin replied: “Step on my right foot with your left foot, and look back over my left shoulder.” The woman did so immediately, but before the eyes of everyone present fainted, and fell down to the ground unconscious.

Source: Schmidtz, J.H. Sitten und Sagen, Lieder Sprichwörter und Räthsel des Eifler Volkes. 1856, p. 31.