The Little Men of the Untersberg

Once a woman in a village near the Untersberg looked down from her balcony and saw three little men standing in front of the house who demanded that she opened her door. They requested something to eat, and the woman gave them two leftover Berliners. Then the little men asked what she wanted as payment. When she refused, the men told her: “You must not give us anything as a gift!” and put three old coins under her salt pot. “Do you want to know who we are?” “I would certainly like to know, if the knowledge does me no harm.” “We are from the Untersberg and are traveling to Spain to do battle. A large army is following us. Close your door when the black warriors come, but you may open it when the white ones arrive.” After this the three little black men left the house, and now the army of small warriors arrived which took a full hour to travel past the house. The army was divided into legions, each with a leader in front. They rode with four small horses abreast, each black or white just like their riders. All carried lances and swords. In the rear there was a big black dog.

Source: Panzer, F. Bayerische Sagen und Bräuche. Beitrag zur deutschen Mythologie. Erster Band, 1848. p. 14.

Notes & Commentary: Weird Locations: The Untersberg, Part 2