The Squinter in Schlebusch

A gigantic haunt is known in Schlebusch in the Dhünn river valley. This haunt has the name “binnerster Scheele”. There is a noble estate in the village which was once surrounded by walls and moats, which was once called the “binnerste Hof” because of its location, that is “within” the village. This apparition was tall, wore silver-gray clothing, had a long beard and long, flowing hair on his head, but only one eye, which is why he carried the name “Scheele” (“Squinter”).

There are many legends of this Squinter. It is said that he frightens people away from the bad paths they are following, while others who refuse to budge from their brazenness, are beaten so pitilessly that their bruises would experience all colors of the rainbow in the following weeks.

One of the biggest ruffians of the region, who was otherwise an honest and stout man who never harmed anyone who let him pass during his nightly wanderings, once refused to step aside for the Squinter. As the figure likewise didn’t dodge, the foolhardy man jostled him. Then the Squinter grabbed him and held him in a manner so that he was unable to breathe, as well as being incapable of moving despite his best efforts.

“If you confront the Squinter,
you have found your master!”

said the silver-gray one, and went on his way. But the brawler took a long time to recover his breath before he was able to continue on his own path. Later on, he always made the sign of the cross whenever he even thought of the Squinter.

A memory of Wodan still seems to live on in this entity.

Source: Montanus and Waldbrühl, W. v. Die Vorzeit der Länder Cleve-Mark Jülich-Berg und Westphalen. Erster Band. 1870, p. 135f

Notes & commentary: Antecedents of Elongated Men