The Unrighteous Plowman

(From the teacher Hanne in Opperhausen)

Once, a man with a glowing plow was plowing every night between 11 and 12 o’clock on a swampy meadow between Hunzen and Halle. He was condemned to this fate because he once cut away a piece of his neighbor’s land with his plow. He had to labor until the entire land, which he had attained unjustly, was returned to its proper owner. However, in each hour he was only able to move a single grain of sand. Many years ago, another man once talked with him and offered to plow for him. He did as offered, but once he had finished, the plow and the harness vanished, and the ghost has not returned since then. For the last of the stolen land had been returned to the neighbor thanks to this effort, and thus the unrighteous plowman finally found peace in the grave.

Source: Voges, T. Sagen aus dem Lande Braunschweig. 1895, p.118f.

Notes & commentary: Bearers of Stones