The Wailing Woman

The Wailing Woman can be witnessed on the Lüneburg Heath. In stormy nights, when the moon frugally glimpses through the passing clouds, she staggers around and appears in a form as large as a giant. Her countenance is as pale as the dead, her eye sockets are a deep black, and she is wreathed in fluttering shrouds. Her enormous arms reach over lonely farmhouses while she emits a dreadful whimpering noise into the dark winds. Whenever she leans above a house in such a manner, one of the people living under its roof will die within the month.

Source: Vaterländisches Archiv, oder Beiträge zur allseitigen Kenntniss der Königreichs Hannover, wie es war und ist. Zweiter Band. p. 247f.

Notes & commentary: Antecedents of Elongated Men