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A History of Western Magick @campbell:magick
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| |1193 |Albertus Magnus born.\\ ... | |1280 |Albertus Magnus dies.\\
A Magical Timeline @campbell:magick
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founded.| |1189 |Third Crusade begins.| |1193 |Albertus Magnus born.| |c.1200|The Zohar written; attributed to M... orn.| |1274 |Saint Thomas Aquinas dies.| |1280 |Albertus Magnus dies.| |1292 |Roger Bacon dies.| |c.1300|Beginni
Tractus Contra Demonum Invocatores @campbell:blog
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Leviatan (Leviathan) – as well as a reference to Albertus Magnus (as all good German authors were wont to do), the