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Albertus Magnus @hermeneuticon
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{{tag>person}} ====== Albertus Magnus ====== Albertus Magnus AKA Albert the Great AKA Albert of Cologne AKA Count of Bolstadt aka Count von Bollstadt a... aps Les admirables Secrets d'Albert le Grand (aka Albertus Magnus) - Contenant Plusieurs traités sur la génération ... ve auditus phisici; ==== Search ==== * [[thls>Albertus Magnus]] ==== References ==== ==== External reference
Modern Grimoire Magick: Folk Magick and The Solomonic Path @jwmt:v1n10
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ortance was //Egyptian Secrets//, (supposedly) by Albertus Magnus, which was one of the main sources for Hohman's b... works like Hohman's //The Long Lost Friend//,[23] Magnus' //Egyptian Secrets// and grimoires like //The Si
Of the True Subject of the Hermetic Art, and its concealed Root @atwood:a-suggestive-inquiry-into-the-hermetic-mystery
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es.((Crollius' Philosophy Reformed, p. 105.)) And Albertus Magnus, in his book of Minerals, after asserting that go