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Introduction To The Qabalah
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n>0877286701|777 and other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley]] [[crowley:777:|also]]\\ Aleister Crowley \\ 1986, Samuel Weiser [[thls>The Sepher Yetzirah]]\\ [[amazon>0805210342|Zohar: T... ice is not only false, but purposely misleading. Crowley's interpretation of Magick is as follows: “The Sc
Basic Techniques for Performing Sexual Alchemy
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ion I would be interested in hearing from them.] Aleister Crowley counsels that the partner not be aware of the ope... hat teach Tantra, or Sex Magick. (Please see “//[[crowley:libers:lib36|Liber XXXVI: The Star Sapphire]]//” ... the Rider Waite Tarot trump called “Strength”, or Crowley's equivalent “Lust.” Red is the color of Geburah
Brief Introduction to the Religion of Thelema
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diculous Catholic paradigms of his times. Later, Aleister Crowley (there is tons of material on him on the web. Don
Binah Dream
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ng |Binah Dream The Devil}} //Note: I prefer the Aleister Crowley deck, but I feel that beginners should start with