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irrevocably entwined And irrevocably alone.” — Aleister Crowley, [[/crowley/winged-beetle/rosa-coeli#xiv|Stanza XIV]] in [[/crowley/winged-beetle/rosa-coeli|Rosa Coeli]] \\ “Truly... clouds without water have no silver lining.”\\ — Aleister Crowley, [[/crowley/clouds-without-water/preface|Preface]] from [[/crowley/clouds-without-water/|Clouds Without Water]] \\ ... en’s contempt and hate and pitiless laughter.” — Aleister Crowley, [[/crowley/collected-works/i/sonnets#i|Sonnet I]] in [[/crowley/collected-works/i/sonnets|Sonnets]] from [[/crowl... room, And only the Queen’s eyes blazed out.” — Aleister Crowley, [[/crowley/collected-works/i/the-fatal-force|The Fatal Force