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The Hanged Man
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which is why Lon Milo defines in his //Magick of Aleister Crowley//: “NOX: The Night of Pan. Contrasted with L.V.X... ies in the Hanged Man card. In the Book of Thoth, Crowley refers to the Hanged Man in the Aeon of Isis and ... d then master the intellect/Ruach (no easy feat). Crowley alludes to this in the Book of Thoth when he said... d Man in a couple of different ways, mentioned by Crowley as follows: <WRAP indent> //This card is therefo
The Lovers
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it being the first to note the goal: liberation. Aleister Crowley was the first to see the Tantric and Romantic sym
Revelation or Revolution: Ben Franklin, Prometheus Unbound
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that Franklin’s discovery enabled men to use.”//—Aleister Crowley, “The soldier and the hunchback” He helped to dr