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**Aleister Crowley and the Legend of Pasiphae** By Michael Osiris Snuffin (2001)   {{:hierophant2.jpg?182x270}}In... eon of Horus as expressed through the writings of Aleister Crowley. Blessing & worship to the prophet of the lovely ... e from the Aeneid originally appeared in Greek in Crowley's text; for convenience I have given the Robert F
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**On the Powers of the Sphinx** **Part 2: Aleister Crowley** By Michael Osiris Snuffin (2002)   \\     In Part 1... y Eliphas Lèvi. We shall now look at the works of Aleister Crowley, who developed the Powers of the Sphinx as a part... struction of both the A.’.A.’. and the OTO.\\     Crowley identifies himself with Lèvi in his first major d... erubic beasts that compose the Sphinx. Like Lèvi, Crowley identifies the Sphinx with the Adept or Magus, wh
The New Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
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tals\\ and the Stone of the Wise."<sup>1</sup> --Aleister Crowley The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is ... mbol for the Great Work, the goal of all magick. Aleister Crowley modified this oration to read “For about me flame... rough this website. **Footnotes:** <sup>1</sup> Crowley, Aleister "The Palace of the World." Quote taken from Liber... id, page 62. <sup>7</sup> Liber O. <sup>8</sup> Crowley, Aleister "The Palace of the World." Quote taken from Liber
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**Aleister Crowley: Prophetic Asshole** by Michael Osiris Snuffin (2002) \\     Anyone who seriously studies the works and magick of Aleister Crowley eventually comes to a point where they have to se... n sure that we’ll never be worshipping statues of Aleister Crowley.   Copyright (c) 2010 Michael Osiris Snuffin ba
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en Dawn,// 6th Editions, page 224.\\ <sup>5</sup> Crowley, Aleister. //The Book of Thoth,// page 191.\\ <sup>6</sup> Ibid, page 152.\\ <sup>7</sup> Crowley, Aleister. //777,// page 109.\\ <sup>8</sup> Crowley, Aleister. //The Law is For All,// page 333.\\ <sup>9</sup> Regardie, Isr
On the Nature of Anubis
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link |Atu XVIII, The Moon}} In the Moon card of Aleister Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck we find the image of Anubis in... e. With this analysis in mind, let us now examine Aleister Crowley’s commentary on the Moon from //The Book of Thoth... ael, //The Golden Dawn,// page 58.\\ <sup>8</sup> Crowley, Aleister. //The Book of Thoth,// page 112.\\ <sup>9</sup>
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nd their relationship to the axle is presented in Aleister Crowley’s Rite of Jupiter. Crowley incorporated the major symbolism of the trump int... hall be known. **Footnotes:** <sup>1[[|]]</sup> Crowley, Aleister. //The Book of Thoth,// page 257. Originally publ... r" in //The Heart of the Master.//\\ <sup>2</sup> Crowley, Aleister. //The Book of Thoth,// page 90. Copyright (c) 2
Michael Osiris Snuffin
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of the Cup of Babalon]]\\ * [[legendofpasiphae|Aleister Crowley and The Legend of Pasiphae]]\\ * [[scorpioandth... pouts|Magical Cop-Outs]]\\ * [[propheticasshole|Aleister Crowley: Prophetic Asshole]]\\ * [[magickmoe|Magick and... ofthesphinx2|On the Powers of the Sphinx, Part 2: Aleister Crowley]]\\ * [[libervv|Liber Viarum Viae-An Analysis]]
On the Powers of the Sphinx, Part 1: Eliphas Lévi
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is written on the subject outside of the works of Aleister Crowley. The only other author to mention the subject wit... s Lévi     That Lévi had a profound influence on Crowley there is no doubt. Crowley translated Lévi’s The Key of the Mysteries as his own Adeptus Minor thesis, and Crowley went as far to claim in Magick in Theory and Prac
The Formula of the Cup of Babalon
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184x270 }} Of the Thoth tarot trump, The Chariot, Aleister Crowley writes: “The central and most important feature o... steries of Babalon. **Footnotes:** <sup>1</sup> Crowley, Aleister. //The Book of Thoth,// pages 85-86.\\ <sup>2</su
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s of the Phoenix makes its debut as Chapter 44 of Aleister Crowley’s Book of Lies with no real explanation. At least... that it celebrates the Eucharist. In Liber Aleph, Crowley puts the Mass of the Phoenix on par with the Gnos... hapter 12 of Magick in Theory and Practice, where Crowley symbolically equates blood with semen through bar... traditional literal interpretation of the script. Crowley instructed us to perform the Mass of the Phoenix
The Neophyte Ritual: Bibliography and Resources
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ource on the Knowledge Lectures anywhere.</WRAP> Crowley, Aleister. The Equinox vol. 1 no. 2. <WRAP indent>An incom... s primary resources on the Egyptian gods.</WRAP> Crowley, Aleister. Magick in Theory and Practice. <WRAP indent>Cha
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d Mass of the Phoenix\\ Male Script** Written by Aleister Crowley\\ Revised by Michael Osiris Snuffin (2003)\\ \\ ... ing the blade ground obliquely to a sharp point.” Crowley puts this magical weapon into perspective in 777:... Air Dagger, but a separate implement. In light of Crowley’s commentary, a craft knife would be most fitting... pter 3, verses 37-38, and were originally part of Crowley’s poetic paraphrase of the front of the Stele of
The Mass of Chaos B-Solo
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ur own. **An Invocation of Pan**\\ (Adopted from Aleister Crowley's\\ //Hymn to Pan//) Thrill with lissome lust of... Pan! Io Pan! **Declaration of Baphomet**\\ (From Aleister Crowley's //Liber A'Ash//) I am the Eye and the Tooth, t
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**Liber 36: The Star Sapphire** **Ritual by Aleister Crowley**\\ \\ Analysis by Michael Osiris Snuffin (2003) \\ ... raw oneself from the whole sphere of the Ruach” --Aleister Crowley, The Holy Books of Thelema. **7. Let him then re... rament to the woman. It is suggested elsewhere in Crowley’s writings that the Sacrament be dissolved and ab
An Evocation Bibliography
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