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Leila Ida Nerissa Bathurst Waddell
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a Bathurst Waddell ====== 1880 — 1932 Of all of Aleister Crowley’s priestesses Leila Waddell is without doubt the ... Her rare beauty and intellectual prowess inspired Crowley deep within his very soul. Some of Crowley’s best work was inspired by Waddell including The Book of Lies ... pe of Leila’s greatness far exceeds her time with Crowley. A few days after I posted this web site I recei
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= ====== HOUSEHOLD GODS ====== ==== A Comedy By Aleister Crowley ==== [Privately Printed in 1912] ===== TO LEILA
Thelema A Tone Testament
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aten soul Infallibly the pathway of the pole! ALEISTER CROWLEY {{ :waddell:music1.jpg }}\\ {{ :waddell:music2.
Leila Waddell
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===== Leila Waddell ===== ====== Selections from Aleister Crowley’s BOOK OF LIES ====== {{ :waddell:sun.gif }} [[