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October @hermeneuticon
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1226]] at Assisi, Italy * [[Lesser Feast]] of [[Aleister Crowley]], born [[October 12]], [[1875]] at Leamington Sp... ited Kingdom * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Anne Leah Crowley,]] [[Poupée]], died [[October 14]], [[1920]] at P... elemic Tephilah]], [[October 1]], [[Jupiter]], [[/crowley/libers/lib7|Liber VII]], [[/crowley/libers/lib7#iii|Cap. III]], 53-60 * [[Thelemic Tephilah]], [[October
Chapter 69 @crowley:confessions
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uum of the universe caused by the annihilation of Aleister Crowley. I kept my body in perfect condition by walking a... ne achievements of these few months. Firstly, "[[/crowley/equinox/i/vii/eqi07026|Across the Gulf]]". This i... ed. It {665} is, one might say, a pendant to //[[/crowley/equinox/i/iii/eqi03004|Aha!]]// It is one of my f... action to the word. There was also the poem "[[/crowley/equinox/i/vii/eqi07031|A Birthday]]", written on
ORDINARY MORALITY @information:ordinary-morality
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ation of evil.”\\ — Chas. Lazenby, speaking about Aleister Crowley, quoted at [[/crowley/international/xi/10/the-international-forum|The International Forum]], //[[/crowley/international/|The International]]// [[/crowley/international/index#xi-10|Vol XI Iss 10]] \\ ==== Searc
RESTRICTION @information:restriction
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e will, hinders it, or diverts it, is Sin."\\ —[[/crowley/|Aleister Crowley]], [[/legis/new-comment/|New Comment]] on... to the dynamic conception of the Universe."\\ —[[/crowley/|Aleister Crowley]], [[/legis/new-comment/|New Comment]] on... is Restriction for him that goeth astray."\\ —[[/crowley/|Aleister Crowley]], [[/crowley/heart-of-the-master/#the-mystery-of-sin|The Mystery of Sin ]] in [[/crowley/heart-of
SEEK BEAUTY @information:seek-beauty
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see beauty in that which enchants another."\\ —[[/crowley/|Aleister Crowley]], [[/crowley/libers/lib124]] \\ "The a... nd find in Death the purpose of this life."\\ —[[/crowley/|Aleister Crowley]], [[/crowley/collected-works/i/tannhause... is doing it to recognize the glory of it."\\ —[[/crowley/|Aleister Crowley]], [[/legis/new-comment/|New Comment]] on [[/legis/ccxx/|Liber AL vel Legis]], [[/legis/new-commen
Chapter 68 @crowley:confessions
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affairs of the parasites of the planet, including Aleister Crowley, appear abject and absurd. I cannot pretend to ta... y imagination. The idea of my proposed play, //[[/crowley/equinox/i/vi/eqi06013|The Scorpion]]//, sprang in... n the Cabbala which appears in //The Equinox// [[/crowley/equinox/i/v/eqi05001|Vol. I, No. v.]] I had no bo... a thrush. </WRAP> During the journey I wrote "[[/crowley//equinox/i/v/eqi05010|The Pilgrim]]", "Return" an
On the Nature of Anubis @osiris
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link |Atu XVIII, The Moon}} In the Moon card of Aleister Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck we find the image of Anubis in... e. With this analysis in mind, let us now examine Aleister Crowley’s commentary on the Moon from //The Book of Thoth... ael, //The Golden Dawn,// page 58.\\ <sup>8</sup> Crowley, Aleister. //The Book of Thoth,// page 112.\\ <sup>9</sup>
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link |Liber Aleph, The Book of Wisdom or Folly by Aleister Crowley at Hermetic Library}}]] <list-group> * [[index... <list-group> * [[crowley:books:|Books]] * [[crowley:|Aleister Crowley]] * [[figures:|Figures]] * [[:|Hermetic Library]] </list-group>
NO GOD WHERE I AM @information:no-god-where-i-am
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ii.23|Ch II V 23]] \\ “The Atheism of God.”\\ — Aleister Crowley's [[/legis/old-comment/|Old Comment]] on [[/legis... h there is no room for any other conception.”\\ — Aleister Crowley's [[/legis/new-comment/index|New Comment]] on [[/legis/new-comment/index#ii.23|Ch II V 23]] of [[/crowley/libers/lib220|Liber AL vel Legis sub figurâ CCXX]
Chapter 60 @crowley:confessions
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single purpose, and that the denunciation of Mr. Aleister Crowley and all his works. Now this would be a remarkabl... ... Such are some of the sensations described by Aleister Crowley in his quest for the discovery of his Relation wi
The Book of Wisdom or Folly @crowley:book-of-wisdom-or-folly
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WILD BEAST to his Son 777 by THE MASTER THERION (Aleister Crowley)   AN XIV\\ ☉ in ♈\\ ☾ in ♈   A∴A∴ Publicatio... om the complacent Camel. > > —The Confessions of Aleister Crowley   ===== Books ===== [[amazon>0877287295|{{:crowley:book-of-wisdom-or-folly:liber-aleph-vel-cxi-aleister-crowley.jpg?nolink|}}]]  
An Introduction to the Structure of Enochian Magick @jones:the-system-of-enochian-magick
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ief expositors of the system: the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley. The Golden Dawn system offers elegant solutions ... //New American Book of the Dead//. [[#text2|2]]. Aleister Crowley’s //Vision and the Voice// (Liber 418) is the cla... and though available in a variety of formats ([[/crowley/the-vision-and-the-voice/|including free and onli... no Bruno’s related influence and influences. John Crowley’s trilogy //Aegypt//, //Love & Sleep// and //Daem
SECRET SONG @information:secret-song
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alone,\\ Aloft, to the immeasurable throne.” —[[/crowley/|Aleister Crowley]], [[/crowley/collected-works/i/the-holy-of-holies#the-mountain-christ|The Mountain Christ]] from [[/crowley/collected-works/i/the-temple-of-the-holy-ghost|Th
Chapter 63 @crowley:confessions
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myself proud, for the Magician, Oliver Haddo, was Aleister Crowley; his house "Skene" was Boleskine. The hero's witt... ping with the general plan. In Paris I wrote "[[/crowley/equinox/i/iii/eqi03008|The Soul Hunter]]", the di... ad throat which gave me the idea of the story "[[/crowley/equinox/i/ix/eqi09012|Cancer]]?" In this a distin
October 12 @hermeneuticon
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==== October 12 ====== * [[Lesser Feast]] of [[Aleister Crowley]], born [[October 12]], [[1875]] at Leamington Sp... lemic Tephilah]], [[October 12]], [[Mercury]], [[/crowley/libers/lib7|Liber VII]], [[/crowley/libers/lib7#v|Cap. V]], 22-26 {{tag>event}}{{tag>october}}{{tag>"days
An Evocation Bibliography @osiris
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Chapter 66 @crowley:confessions
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1875 @hermeneuticon
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Goetia @norton:classics:goetia
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