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Saints of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica @hermeneuticon
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three accepted versions of Liber XV published by Aleister Crowley, each having some differences but are all accepte... Theodor Reuss// | Doctor Theodor Reuss | | | [[aleister crowley|Aleister Crowley]] | Sir A ... C ... | //Sir Aleister Crowley// | //Sir Aleister Crowley// | | | [[Grady Louis McMurtry]] | | | | Grady Louis McMurtry | ==== Outer Head ... ised of the each past OHO of OTO, although whilst Aleister Crowley was current OHO of OTO, he placed himself on the
THANKSGIVING @information:thanksgiving
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ving fill\\ The endless empyrean with a kiss.” — Aleister Crowley, [[../../crowley/equinox/i/viii/eqi08007|Long Odds]] \\ “I am ma... silent prayer to the god, and thanksgiving.”\\ — Aleister Crowley during [[../../crowley/libers/lib415|The Paris Working]] \\ ==== Sear