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st suffer, thou must suffer many things" (Even so be it Lord Adonai). The Voice goes on: "Thou must su... to pass' added the second time). "And there shall be no more sea, neither shall there be any more fear, but I alone will inform thee in all things, even u... to thee strange and diverse words, but mine shall be the One Word which Is and Was and Shall be. Amen.
31 Hymns to the Star Goddess
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, for therein may I serve Thee most fully. Let it be Thy Joy to see my joy; even as Thou hast promised... he Rose Garden of Life; yet ever Thou withholdest Thyself from mine Understanding. As I lay I contemplated... ck with an agony of tingling pain. How came I to be lost in the snow-drift? I remember how I had tak... nd concentrated essence of Life. Draw me up into Thyself, O Sun! Project me into the Body of Our Lady Nuit
Belief versus Knowledge
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In regard to religion it will doubtless at once be evident that a great deal could be said on the subject of Belief, it being, one might almost say, the... t all, Exoteric Religions are based. It will also be evident, though perhaps in a lesser degree, that ... extent these "revelations" or "inspirations" can be relied upon and whether it is better to accept th
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he place wherein the festival is beheld, need not be sought outside the Human Heart that has learned t... shifting scenes of the world they had thought to be so real, will pass by them as a pageant until the... -keepers twain! Sleep-keepers I deem ye! At least be moving with the morning! Hear ye the call? Now th... ent legend of Parzival by Richard Wagner, to whom be all praise and honour. Those who have not had th
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Heart of the Rose of Creation? Is not that Stone Thyself? Never again wilt thou be "Shut up" for the Rose of Thy Being has opened, a... must master the Elements, O my Son! These are to be found in the Cross of thine own being, and thou already learned to "Establish thyself firmly in the equilibrium of forces, in the centr... rth of the dawning Universe." Thou has learned to be "Prompt and active as the Sylphs, but to avoid fr
Untitled Letter
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you can never enter the path to illumination and be forgotten by those who have taken over the task t... with you this time. Right knowledge may in truth be called: “The Pacifier of the Soul.” The nourishme... ccording as it is itself constituted but will not be able to step outside of that limit. Healthy grow... predominates. It is always the loser, whether it be in battle at arms, in battle for wealth, in battl