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The Paris Working
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h, and this is the consideration: that though Pan be the Master of this Work, yet is the Work naught w... of Magick Art. Therefore, say I, let Hermes first be invoked, and that by the Rite, and by this incant... ng boy mischievous and lovely, with thy winged globe and its serpents set upon a staff. </dd></dl> <p>... t, that at the <i>Accendat</i> the Ceremony is to be forgotten altogether, and to be resumed with equa
De Lege Libellum
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THE LAW</span></h2> <p><i>Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.</i> </p><p>IN RIGHTEOUSNESS... I speak for your comfort and good courage. And so be it unto all of you. </p><p>Know first, that from ... pring four Rays or Emanations: so that if the Law be the centre of your own being, they must needs fil... een called No Thing for a cause which later shall be declared unto you. But the substance of Light is
The Djeridensis Working
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editing by Frs. T.S. and V.C. The PDF version can be <a href=" the document was written. Nefta is considered to be the spiritual home of Sufism, and is the religiou... I</span></h2> <hr/> <p><i>Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.</i> </p><p>Oasis of Nefta&m... ><i>Nuit defined</i> <dl><dd>Nuit is all that may be, and is shewn by means of any one that is. </dd><