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. Of which mystery He has written: When, having become free, thou findest thyself in prison, yet knowest it not. When, Thy prison o... who hast longed for the company of Saints findest thyself among the scum of the earth, yet knowing it not thinkest thyself in the company of all the Buddhas, and taketh thy... and found gestures of Magick Power, thou findest thyself among the lewd and unclean, yet knowing it not pe
31 Hymns to the Star Goddess
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, Whose Body is White with the Milk of the Stars, bend upon Thy servant and impart unto him Thy Secret... , for therein may I serve Thee most fully. Let it be Thy Joy to see my joy; even as Thou hast promised... Love. AUMN   === II. The Brook === I wandered beside the running stream, and mine eyes caught the ... w the very stones, over which flow the life of my being, thrill at the tender caress of Thy reflected
Belief versus Knowledge
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====== Belief versus Knowledge ====== Belief versus Knowledge\\ By Frater Achad It has been written that "In all the world there are only two... int of Religion in its real sense. Knowledge has been defined as "A clear perception of a truth or fa
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====== THE CHALICE OF ECSTASY ====== ==== BEING A MAGICAL AND QABALISTIC INTERPRETATION OF THE DRAM... D ==== ===== FRATER ACHAD ===== Dedicated to my Beloved Friend and Companion FRATER AD ALTA Who pass... ed from our view into THE GREAT HERE AND NOW November 29th, 1918 exactly four years prior to the compl... Urëus-Hadit Camp, OTO, 1991\\ HTML conversion by Benjamin Rowe, 1997   ===== INTRODUCTION ===== Th
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Heart of the Rose of Creation? Is not that Stone Thyself? Never again wilt thou be "Shut up" for the Rose of Thy Being has opened, and Thy prison has been exchanged ... ! These are to be found in the Cross of thine own being, and thou already learned to "Establish thyself firmly in the equilibrium of forces, in the centr... artake of the Mystic Eucharist, even as thou hast been taught by Those who Know. Fortify thyself, for thou hast yet a perilous journey before thee. Thou hast been led unto the Light; bethink thee th
Untitled Letter
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you can never enter the path to illumination and be forgotten by those who have taken over the task to lead your way, and this is so because they themselves have passed through the same stages, have been helped, have been taught and have acquired “RIGHT KNOWLEDGE” and know the responsibility which it e