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BE THYSELF @information:be-thyself
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====== BE THYSELF ====== <WRAP center 33%> {{ :information:be-thyself-tablet.png?nolink }} Download as wallpaper for\\ {{:information:be-thyself-tablet.png?linkonly|Tablet}}\\ </WRAP> \\ <WRA... nced mercy is but weakness which would allow and abet Evil. Act passionately; think rationally; be Thyself.”\\ — [[/crowley/libers/lib30|Liber Libræ sub fig
BALANCE OF NATURE @information:balance-of-nature
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hat Equilibrium is the basis of the Work. If thou thyself hast not a sure foundation, whereon wilt thou sta... to direct the forces of Nature?” — [[/crowley/libers/lib30|Liber Librae sub figurâ XXX, The Book of the Balance]] </WRAP> <WRAP center round box 60%> {... ity, we may. What is a Magical Operation? It may be defined as any event in nature which is brought t
LIGHT LOVE LIBERTY PLEASURE @information:light-love-liberty-pleasure
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====== LIGHT LOVE LIBERTY PLEASURE ====== ===== Hermetic Library Ministry of Information ===== <TEXT align="center">{{ :information:light-love-liberty-pleasure-tablet.png?333 |Unicursal Hexagram LIGHT LOVE LIBERTY PLEASURE Propaganda Poster}} Download as wallpaper for\\ {{:information:light-love-liberty-pleasure-tablet.png?linkonly|Tablet}}</TEXT>
LIFE LOVE DEAD LIVE @information:life-love-dead-live
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self in Simplicity and Indifference. These things being achieved in their ripe season, be it known to you that all ideas will have become equal to your apprehension, since each is simple and ... indeth focus upon that One Idea.” — [[/crowley/libers/lib150#ii|II. Of Love]] in [[/crowley/libers/li
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of-nature/|BALANCE OF NATURE]] * [[/information/be-thyself/|BE THYSELF]] * [[/information/but-always-in-the-love-of-me... an/|IDLE MAN]] * [[/information/justice-light-liberty/|JUSTICE LIGHT LIBERTY]] * [[/information/keep-calm-and-babalon/|KEEP CALM AND BABALON]] * [[/... LOVE DEAD LIVE]] * [[/information/light-love-liberty-pleasure/|LIGHT LOVE LIBERTY PLEASURE]] * [[
DIE DAILY @information:die-daily
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Death is the apex of one curve of the snake Life: behold all opposites as necessary complements, and r... } “Death implies change and individuality if thou be THAT which hath no person, which is beyond the changing, even beyond changelessness, what hast thou to do with death? The bird of individua