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ental element of social construction and adaptive behavior emerging here at the ... [[key23:ripple-28... n a sweltering moment, a seclusion that can never be complete, nor entirely ... [[CERN Hadron Collide... ilm rights to Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning have been optioned ... [[key23:ripple-25-a-place-to-bury... ] by Padre Engo on 2008-07-31 07:37:33 > Imagine being sent forward in time from 1968 to 2008. Instea
Magic Philosophy 101
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the motto of the ‘golden thread’ which was inscribed over the entrance of the temple of Apollo: “Man know thyself.” Now knowing thyself has become a Religious and a personal direction. There are seven broad principles that rel... s are made from vibration 5. All things appear to be divided into two 6. The Universe works to a rhyth... g is Love, however it is far above that. It can’t be described in words. It is unknowable, because it
magickal constructs
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higher degree of reality to the process. Enflame thyself, spake the Great Beast and this is what he was talking about. Theatrics imbue the play with realism and belief. They give it life. The ritual accesses anc... exist and interact. The field of mind can also be understood as the astral plane. The astral is tra... t's accessed through our imagination, it's always been regarded as a real and persistent place. Ritual
Know Thyself
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====== Know Thyself ====== Know Thyself\\ by Anton Channing on 2008-05-13 22:08:32\\ tags: alan watts, apollo, comfort, dance... cation of the famous Delphic Oracle. So it could be an instruction of purification before entering the holy place, or perhaps a promise of what it would