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FURTHER NOTES ON CRAFT SYMBOLISM @wilmshurst:the-meaning-of-masonry
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Over the ancient temples of initiation was inscribed the sentence “Know thyself and thou shalt know the universe and God,” a phra... attains that knowledge he will realize himself to be no longer the separate distinctified individual he now supposes himself to be, but to be a microcosm or summary of all that is and to be identified with the Being of God. Masonry
THE DEEPER SYMBOLISM OF FREEMASONRY @wilmshurst:the-meaning-of-masonry
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tial and does not carry him very far. For many members of the Craft to be a Mason implies merely connection with a body which seems to be something combining the natures of a club and a benefit society. They find, of course, a certain reli
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eep themselves, properly prepared for them. “Know thyself!” was the injunction inscribed over the portals of ancient temples of Initiatio... fficult than is popularly conceived. It is not to be acquired by the formal passage through three or f... hievement until knowledge of every other kind has been laid aside and a difficult path of life long an... however high his titular rank. Here and there may be one worthy of being hailed as a Fellow-Craft in t