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eeking rest from that Search! O my soul! --- lift thyself up; play the man, be strong; harden thyself against thy bitter Fate; f... sage from the Book of Abramelin:\\ "And thou wilt begin to inflame thyself in praying" ...\\ It is the sentence which goes o... rs was this temple in building. ... It has always been my custom on this night to look back over the y... travelled a bit, written a bit ... I seem to have been hard at it all the time --- and to have got not
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e whole thing visible, for Hadit and Nuit are far beyond. Note that Ra-Hoor Resh-Aleph-He-Vau-Vau-Res... . Observe firstly the word "reward", which is to be compared with the words "hiding" and "manifestati... ard again'; this word Abrahadabra then is also to be considered as a Sentinel before the Fortress of the God. Why is the name of Him spelt Khut? We have
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. Of which mystery He has written: When, having become free, thou findest thyself in prison, yet knowest it not. When, Thy prison o... who hast longed for the company of Saints findest thyself among the scum of the earth, yet knowing it not thinkest thyself in the company of all the Buddhas, and taketh thy... and found gestures of Magick Power, thou findest thyself among the lewd and unclean, yet knowing it not pe
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whereof by Consciousness and by Reason thou mayst be ignorant, unless by Fortune great and rare thou be already harmonized in thyself, the Outer with the Inner, which Grace is not com... he true Will, and the Nightmare a symbolic Battle between it and its Assailants in thyself. But there can be only one true Will, even as the... Dreams; for it is written that He giveth unto His Beloved in Sleep. Prepare thyself therefore in this Way, as a good Knight should do... the whole Matter lieth in thy Will, and to force thyself against thy Nature would be an Obstacle to thy Passage. But if I urge thee to
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to assist us in fulfilling the Greek adage, “Know Thyself in order to know the universe and the gods!’ In our ‘becoming’ the alchemists claim, we realize that we are in many ways self-created beings. Much of what we do, are, and experience, we ... ondition wherein the energies of the psyche would be awakened and brought to the surface of consciousn... work effectively, it requires that those energies being awakened in the initiate already be alive and
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Death is the apex of one curve of the snake Life: behold all opposites as necessary complements, and r... } “Death implies change and individuality if thou be THAT which hath no person, which is beyond the changing, even beyond changelessness, what hast thou to do with death? The bird of individua
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of-nature/|BALANCE OF NATURE]] * [[/information/be-thyself/|BE THYSELF]] * [[/information/but-always-in-the-love-of-me... an/|IDLE MAN]] * [[/information/justice-light-liberty/|JUSTICE LIGHT LIBERTY]] * [[/information/keep-calm-and-babalon/|KEEP CALM AND BABALON]] * [[/... LOVE DEAD LIVE]] * [[/information/light-love-liberty-pleasure/|LIGHT LOVE LIBERTY PLEASURE]] * [[
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n O Practicus\\ 9. to know the universe and\\ 10. thyself. Seek in the manifest\\ 11. for the divine One an... hen found veil the eyes\\ 13. in adoration.\\ 14. Behold the true attribut-\\ 15. ion of tarot. Ponder