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Chapter II @legis:magical-philosophical-commentaries
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ry character of Nuith and Hadith. Nu conceals Had because He is Everywhere in the Infinite, and She ma... rse veils the Soul. Nature understands Herself by becoming self-conscious in Her units; and the Consci... of separateness by dissolution in Her. There has been much difficulty in the orthography (in sacred l... anguages) of these names. Nu is clearly stated to be 56, {NV}; but Had is only hinted obscurely. This
The Djeridensis Working @eidolons
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editing by Frs. T.S. and V.C. The PDF version can be <a href=" he_Book_of_the_Law" title="The Book of the Law">Liber AL</a> for reference. Internal footnotes are by ... the document was written. Nefta is considered to be the spiritual home of Sufism, and is the religiou... I</span></h2> <hr/> <p><i>Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.</i> </p><p>Oasis of Nefta&m
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ality wicca aleister crowley paganism--> <p><b>Liber CDXV<br/>The Book of High Magick Art that was wo... No. X of Vol. I of <i>The Equinox</i>. Thereby he being brought to the end of his resources, he bethought himself to pray unto the Great Gods of Heaven that they would bestow favour upon him&mdash;for, even as did Job, h
LIBER THIRTY-ONE @achad:misc
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. Of which mystery He has written: When, having become free, thou findest thyself in prison, yet knowest it not. When, Thy prison o... who hast longed for the company of Saints findest thyself among the scum of the earth, yet knowing it not thinkest thyself in the company of all the Buddhas, and taketh thy... and found gestures of Magick Power, thou findest thyself among the lewd and unclean, yet knowing it not pe
LIBER ALEPH VEL CXI @crowley:book-of-wisdom-or-folly
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whereof by Consciousness and by Reason thou mayst be ignorant, unless by Fortune great and rare thou be already harmonized in thyself, the Outer with the Inner, which Grace is not com... he true Will, and the Nightmare a symbolic Battle between it and its Assailants in thyself. But there can be only one true Will, even as the... Dreams; for it is written that He giveth unto His Beloved in Sleep. Prepare thyself therefore in this Way, as a good Knight should do... the whole Matter lieth in thy Will, and to force thyself against thy Nature would be an Obstacle to thy Passage. But if I urge thee to
Liber LXV Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente sub figurâ אדני @crowley:libers
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is no other day or night than this. - Thou art beyond the day and the night; I am Thyself, O my Maker, my Master, my Mate! - I am like th... dung of the Abominable Ones; thou hast prostrated thyself before the Goat and the Crocodile; the evil men have... city have lusted after thee to abuse thee and to beat thee. They have mouthed the golden spangles of fine dust wherewith thou didst bedeck thine hair; they have scourged the painted fl
De Lege Libellum @eidolons
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he strength and courage to obey it. </p><p>O man! behold thyself! With what pains wast thou fashioned! What ages h... ot otherwise, for some colossal End. </p><p>Nerve thyself, then, to seek it and to do it. Naught can satisf... this, then, up to arms! Win thine own Freedom for thyself! Strike hard! </p> <a name="IIOF_LOVE"></a><h2> <... is the enkindling in ecstacy of Two that will to become One. It is thus an Universal formula of High
In the Dragon's Den @hartmann:among-the-gnomes
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O foolish mortal, by dull senses bound; \\ Within thyself the spirit must be found.\\ Know thou thyself, and by self-knowledge know \\ The lives above and in the world below.\\ In every sphere each being knows its own; \\ To spirits only spirits can be shown. </WRAP> Aft
Liber Liberi vel Lapidis Lazuli Adumbratio Kabbalae Aegyptiorum sub figurâ VII @crowley:libers
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Crowley|Aleister Crowley]] » [[Metadata:Crowley:libers|Libers]] » [[metadata:Crowley:libers:lib7|Liber Liberi vel Lapidis Lazuli Adumbratio Kabbalae Aegyptiorum sub figurâ VII]] [[concordanc
Chapter 68 @crowley:confessions
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===== Chapter 68 ===== **68** The rites being over, and their lesson learnt, I felt free to go back to my beloved Sahara. As before, I took Neuburg with me and motored down from Algiers to bou Saâda to economiz... dant to the Aethyrs, but the time was not yet. We began, but the results were so unsatisfactory that w
Chapter LXXII: Education @crowley:magick-without-tears
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on</TEXT> Cara Soror, //Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.// Education means "leading... nce makes "confirmation strong as Holy Writ;" but beware of //à priori//. Do not be dogmatic; do not insist in the face of disappointment.  Astrology in e... alue to normal children; it is hardly possible to begin too early. Firstly, accustom his ear from the
The Center for Enochian Studies, Volume I, number 5 @jones:the-center-for-enochian-studies
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=== The Center for Enochian Studies, Volume I, number 5 ====== <html> <center> <p>Mortlake<br> &nbsp;... cembris 22. Mane.</b></i><br> The Morning of December 22nd in the Year 1581.<sup><small>1</small></sup... <tr> <td>&nbsp;</td> <td>Crystalline Globe, if God had sent his holy Angel</td> </tr> <t... ></td> <td rowspan="7">&nbsp;</td> <td>Globe<sup><small>8</small></sup> for to espy Anael<sup>
LIT @crowley:the-vision-and-the-voice
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that art so dull of understanding, when wilt thou begin to annihilate thyself in the mysteries of the Aethyrs? For all that tho... ule is ended that hath bound thee, and this shall be thy rule: that thou shalt purify thyself, and anoint thyself with perfume; and thou shalt be in the sunlight, ... And now it is commanded thee that thou withdraw thyself from the Vision, and on the morrow, at the appointed hour, shall it be given thee further, as thou goest upon thy way, m... er nor brother, nor wife nor child, who hast made thyself lonely as the hermit crab that is in the waters of the Great Sea, behold! when the sistrons are shaken, and the trumpe
The Soul of the Desert @crowley:the-soul-of-the-desert
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et again in the wilderness of sand.”—[[/crowley/libers/lib65|Liber LXV]], [[/crowley/libers/lib65#iv|IV,61]]</TEXT> ==== 1 ==== ==== The Journey ==== The soul is, i... God, the ecstasy of things. This soul can never be injured, never marred, never defiled. Yet all thi
Liber HAD sub figurâ DLV @crowley:libers
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of V.V.V.V.V.)// - Worship, //i.e.// identify thyself with, Nuit, as a lambent flame of blue, all-touching, all-penetrant, her... d point clothed with Light ineffable. And let him beware lest he be dazzled by that Light.\\ //This is the first practice of Intelligence (ccxx. II. 2).//... n and every woman is a star." Let this conception be that of Life, the giver of Life, and let him perc
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Greater Feast @hermeneuticon
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PAZ @crowley:the-vision-and-the-voice
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On the Management of Blondes @crowley:vanity-fair
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