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Aeons Beyond the Three
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ccession as defined by Crowley, what he called an Equinox of the Gods. The text reference to //The Equinox// in the quo... Equinox. Crowley included the full rubric of that Equinox ritual in "Genesis Libri AL" in his book //The Equinox of the Gods//. The Ceremony of the Equinox had three princip... ctions, which were parallelled in the macrocosmic Equinox of the Gods: - A set of elemental invocations, recalling t... ready composite in Horus, since he wrote in //The Equinox of the Gods//: > This child Horus is a twin, two in one. Hor
Service Celebrating the Feast for the Supreme Ritual
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/Ep. Gn.//\\ Based on the Great Invocation of the Equinox of the Gods 1904 ev.\\ First performed 2005 e.v. at Scarlet W... ath,\\ Supreme and terrible God,\\ Who makest the gods and death\\ To tremble before Thee: --\\ I, I ado
Service Celebrating the Feast of the Annihilation of the Prophet
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ke.\\ The eagle slashes with beak and claw;\\ The gods withdraw:\\ The great beasts come, Io Pan! I am b... race on the rocks\\ Through solstice stubborn to equinox.\\ And I rave; and I rape and I rip and I rend\\
The Utility of the Bible to the Student of Thelema
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but the Bible during the whole of his youth." (//Equinox of the Gods// p. 48) He later bragged that he had developed i
A Liturgical Calendar for Thelemic Gnosticism
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20 – [[mar20|Feast for the Supreme Ritual and the Equinox of the Gods]]\\ March 20 through April 10 - [[http://lah.nith... Dame Leila Waddell ---- September 21 – Vernal Equinox, Feast of Saint Virgilius\\ September 24 – Feast
New and Forthcoming At This Site
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ion. \\ **Feast for the Supreme Ritual and the Equinox of the Gods, Anno Legis IV xvi** (20 March 2008 e.v.)\\ I hav
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rnatively, they may be understood in terms of the gods Thoth, Asi and Hoor-Apep, with the final section ... ially regarded as **obsolete** in EGC. (See //The Equinox// IV:2, p. 370 //n.// for Crowley's original rubr
The Thelemic Tersanctus of the Gnostic Mass
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d //eudaimon// may be represented as the Egyptian gods Set and Horus, according to the early conception ... is "the receptive as 2 is the assertive self." (//Equinox// I:5, p. 98) In addition, the word agioV taken
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e inexorable Plan of the Aeons) - The previous Equinox of the Gods, with Osiris taking the place of Isis. - Societ
Sources and References for Discourses on the Creed
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9. (42-44, 258-265.) * Crowley, Aleister. //The Equinox of the Gods//. New York: O.T.O., 1991. (101.) * Crowley, Al... Aleister. “De Lege Libellum sub figura CL.” //The Equinox// III:10. New York: 93 Publishing, 1990. (71-75.)... (71, 98, 132.) * Barrett, Clive. //The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses//. London: Diamond Books, 1997. (38
A Discourse on the Seventh Article
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chiah// or life-force. And at one point in //The Equinox of the Gods//,\\ Crowley wrote that Man overcomes death > by... .” > > There is no part of me that is not of the gods. > > //Deus est homo.// > > There is no god but
On the Initiation of the Prophet
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e Prophet of Thelema.\\ He called this event\\ an Equinox of the Gods. In a letter to a disciple,\\ Crowley wrote that... his A.'.A.'. system,\\ along with the Word of the Equinox,\\ the kabbalistic system of Grades,\\ and a radi
The Moon under Her Feet
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we, who have heard the hour being sounded in the Equinox of the Gods, should recognize Madam Dr. Anna Mary Bonus Kings... Temple of Solomon the King.// Serialized in //The Equinox// I (1-10). * Gilbert, R.A. //The Golden Dawn:
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ning now, in keeping with the lore that avers the Equinox of the Gods to have transpired in 1904. The destruction of th... d evil, like the Hegemon in the old Ritual of the Equinox who is "the reconciler between them.") He not onl... e say, "There is no part of me that is not of the gods." In //The Book of Lies//, Crowley makes the wor
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ublished in volume III, numbers 1 and 10 of //The Equinox//. The version which appears as an appendix to th... aloud, "There is no part of me that is not of the gods!" Our Cakes are made to a special recipe that inc