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The Book of the Seniors by Benjamin Rowe �1986, 1992
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s whose actions are the root of the mythos of the gods Set and Horus, and the plot describes their confl... e incoming energies of this present day, when the equinox is moving into the constellation of Aquarius. The... arly stages of life in the higher realms, the man-gods perform their creations within the aura and under... eached Tiphereth of that larger Tree in which the gods live and act, was not a party to the discussions
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beast, who I do set in place in the East at this equinox of the Gods, when the jeweled stars of Hadit do stand above a... in my place at the western horizon. Thus are the Gods revealed, in this new aeon.20 (The scribe again ... ared that the part of the Temple dedicated to the gods has been completed, and that we now begin to buil... so they are spoken of as showing the road to the gods. There is a sharp division in the Tablets betwee