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e Outer, let us celebrate the Festival of the : : Equinox.! .Autumnal. "All rise." "Ht." Frater Kerux, proclaim the fac... and to the V.H.Ht., I proclaim the . Vernal . : : Equinox, and declare that the Pass Word ------ is abrogated. .Autumnal. "Ht." Let us, according to ancient custom, consecrate the return of the . Vernal . : : Equinox. .Autumnal. Light. "Hs." Darkness. "Ht." East. "Hs." West. "... I command . Vernal . you to declare that the : : Equinox has returned, and that ----- is .Autumnal. the Password for the next six months. "K." In th
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./../../index.html|Crowley]] | [[../../index.html|Equinox]] | [[index.html|Vol I No iv]] Add to > See Al... t Work, seeing that he, who sleepeth never, shall fall by the wayside, and also remembering the twofold ... nce, and ignorance is sin. Now the philosophical fall of the Âtman produces the Macrocosm and the Micro... m back into the Âtman from which he came. As the fall of the Âtman arises from the cry "It is I," so do
THE TEMPLE OF SOLOMON THE KING @crowley:equinox:i:iv
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./../../index.html|Crowley]] | [[../../index.html|Equinox]] | [[index.html|Vol I No iv]] Add to |{{htt... here; there it rests shining brilliantly like the autumnal moon, with the luminosity of millions of suns, an... petal, there is the eternal seed, brilliant as he autumnal moon. The wise anchorite by knowing this is never... wings, see the footnote below, page {147} in the Equinox. The upper 2/5’s of the space contains a large c
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" 22. D.D.S. visits me. Celebration of the Autumnal Equinox. " 23. Celebration of the Autumnal Equinox. 24-30. (During this period Fra. P. was preparing, under th... The Ego and the Universe Fall to one black chaotic curse. OLYMPAS. So ends ... ]] --- fileinfo: path: '../' created: 2016-03-15 modifie