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The Book of the Seniors by Benjamin Rowe �1986, 1992
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ent out for adepts of the First Ray willing to fulfill the task set by Sirius. And this is where you yourself come into the story, o scribe who is a god. To tell of... ted instead onto yourself. These forces were in some instances of such an intensity that they did almost kill you, as did the original forces. But these forces... erring to maintain your independence, he tried to kill you by psychic means under the guise of helping y... until your later contact with Nema. But at the time, this rip was a help, for it allowed the inner po
The Lotus of the Enochian Temple: Sample Visions, part I
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g I should be doing, but none of the ideas that came to me seemed correct. I was wandering around trying to figure out what was going on, when I had a fla... light arising therefrom. Following the beam, I came to what first appeared to be a construct like Dr.... g. I opened the doors and looked through. Before me I saw a brilliant sun, a light lavender color, fi