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The Book of Pleasure (self-love)
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expressing desire: an idea of unity by fear in some form or another which must spell bondage-the imag... s mighty enough to be "reality" and free at any time: therefore is not potential or manifest (except a... te of vacuity brought by exhausting a desire by some means of dissipation when the mood corresponds to... eteness as reality. No man has seen self at any time. We are what we believe and what it implies by a
Austin Osman Spare and the Zos Kia Cultus
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f ambivalence and inbetweeness which forms the theme of his magic. He told me he was not sure whether he was born on the last day of December 1888, or on ... h "satanic occultist", and he places him in the same category as Aleister Crowley. Spare's intense in... nally exacted as a sacrifice fee. Apart from her skill in divining, she was the only person Spare ever m