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Chapter 16. Questions Proposed @texts:theurgia
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hing in a genuine manner without deceit and with skill, //Phtha.// The Greeks, however, assume Phtha to be the same as Hephæstos, giving their attention to the Creat... efined measure of authority, even of the one Supreme Cause of all things. And the God produced Matter,... ing else besides only the observing of a proper time. [[theurgia.html#ch16n21|<sup>21</sup>]]\\   ===... EXPLANATIONS. ==== Hermes also points out the same path. Bitys, a prophet, explained it to King Amas
Chapter 7. Origin of the Art of Divination @texts:theurgia
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ining to it; but on the other hand, not from any skill acquired externally in relation to some part of which may be attempted in every-day life.... hing or in the individual natures of every one. Some things, however, are subordinate beforehand, as b... arkest as follows: "When we are asleep we often come, through dreams, to a perception of things that a... tween being awake and asleep, or when we have become entirely awake. Sometimes, also, an invisible and
The Seventh Letter @texts:plato
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it out for themselves. As for the rest, it would fill some of them quite illogically with a mistaken feeling... f this nature; it has often before been stated by me, and it seems suitable to the present occasion. ... ich is known and truly exists. The first is the name, the, second the definition, the third. the image... of all. A circle is a thing spoken of, and its name is that very word which we have just uttered. The
Symposium by Plato @texts:plato
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e day before yesterday I was coming from my own home at Phalerum to the city, and one of my acquaintance, who had caught a sight of me from behind, hind, out playfully in the distance,... , the son of Philip, told another person who told me of them; his narrative was very indistinct, but h... aid that you knew, and I wish that you would give me an account of them. Who, if not you, should be th
4 @texts:plotinus
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ouls, since every soul in this lower sphere has come thence: that is the world of unembodied spirits w... is at once above and below, attached to the Supreme and yet reaching down to this sphere, like a radi... terial things, a harmony. The theory that it is some final development, some entelechy, we pass by, holding this to be neither true as presented nor pract
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e can—when now the trumpeters have rendered the same phrase of the [composer’s] skill, and afterwards the flautists played the sweet no... if any thing goes wrong,] one does not lay the blame upon the inspiration of the music-maker. Nay, [b... e falseness of the instrument, in that it has become a hindrance to those who are most excellent—embar... udience for the weakness that inheres in body, blame impiously our Race. Nay, let him know God is Unw