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The Philosophy of Shelley’s Poetry
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ent, and that one should begin to arrange it in some regular order, rejecting nothing as the make-beli... ly, and am now certain that the imagination has some way of lighting on the truth that the reason has ... ld have studied as a sacred book, and it seems to me to have an even more certain place than I had tho... hich I felt more than understood, and his telling me that it was Godwin’s //Political Justice// put in
At Stratford-on-Avon
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im, had he not been hurried back into our noisy time. One passes through quiet streets, where gabled a... seat but this; and yet there is no one who has come merely because one must go somewhere after dinner... e inn-parlour, under the oak beams blackened by time and showing the mark of the adze that shaped them... the way play supports play, the theatre has moved me as it has never done before. That strange process