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ur weapons! Bury your sword-blades Deep - deep in me, to the hilts! Ye heroes, up! Kill both the sinner and all his pain: The Grail's del... Cup; completes the Qabalistic Design. This arrangement clearly shows how the Chalice is one with the Tree of Life and filled by the Holy Spirit. The numerical proof is not, however, quite complete - indeed it could never be completed - but let me draw your attention to the word Grail. The old sp
Belief versus Knowledge @achad:misc
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thing which matters." However sweeping this statement may appear it is little short of truth from the... clear perception of a truth or fact, erudition; skill from practice." Also "to know, viz.; To perceive ... out of the Personal Experience of a few who had somehow obtained a direct perception or knowledge of c... regard to "The Absolute", "God", or at any rate some Being or Beings of a distinctly higher order than
Chapter II @achad:anatomy
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e of Life, it will be well if we spend a little time in considering the Nature of the Trinity, and its fundamental relation to all Systems of Religious and Philosophic thought. Hermes the Thrice Greatest, like Solomon, is highly celebrated by antiquity for his wisdom and skill in the secret operations of nature, and //for his