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rrow:\\\\ \\\\ Thelema Of Future And Past\\\\ The killer on the road\\\\ \\\\ Some one had asked: To what direction should Thelema b... ype of populist opinion polls, they are generally filled out by people on either extreme which doesn't then a common veiwpoint and present... "**. At least one of my interlocuters in that argument (in which each got ONE comment) assumed I was female and speaking as a feminist. I kind of apprecia
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is ample evidence of Romans (Pagans) hunting and killing Christians in mass genocide. Witches and Muslims remain blameless in this respect.\\\\ \\| |\\ ... ick in leather" songs to invocations of demons to killing xtians. There is only a handful of bands worth mentioning. The music once used to be wild and dange... ent rage that I receive from others concerning it fills me with a fairly incredible rage for Xtianity and "s... exclude".\\\\ \\\\ \\ > **"They shouted out 'who killed the Kennedys',\\\\ when after all it was you and me"**\\\\ - Rolling Stones **"Sympathy for The Devil
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vitation for all the other gangs in the yard to come in and kill us. We //should// work together to make things be... vitation for all the other gangs in the yard to come in and kill us.\\\\ \\\\ What?? How? If you mean more terrorist attacks, please recall that the terrorists KILLED THEMSELVES in the process of attacking. I don’t think the terror... in favor of a very conservative policy when it comes to lashing out and killing people.\\\\ \\| |\\
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ple who are charitable are Catholics.\\\\ \\\\ *Some* Thelemites lack social skills, cannot be counted on to keep their word and are... at the Falsehood thereof may enslave the souls of men. Let Him then utter that without Fear, that the Law may be fulfilled. And according to His Original Nature will that... | |Let me fill in the blanks...\\\\ \\\\ Magisters become Magi. Sure, they are not going to utter the Word of an Aeo
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t people are referring to as magical burnout. The mental wards aren't filled with such people, but then again, the path isn'... ote i took enought drugs\\ in a short period of time to kill an elephant\\ and i was reading occult books and poetry, i saw the abyss, i almost became a perminant phantom\\ of the psycho soap opera, and some very strange things happened that i cannot explai
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dore them, and steal their darkness from them. Come forth, o children under the stars, and take your fill of love. I am above you and in you. My ecstasy i... with the space, as I rush to kiss thy cheek.\\ \\ Mercy let be off; damn them who pity. Kill and torture; spare not; be upon them.\\ \\ Ah! Ah... n through\\ To stir me or still me!\\ Aum! let it fill me!\\ \\ So that thy light is in me + its red flame ... her raise herself up in pride. Let her follow in me in my way. Let her work the work of wickedness! Let her kill her heart! let her be loud and adulterous; let he
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st edifice ever built.\\\\ \\\\ And if that day comes when you've killed your first corporate 'slave', I sincerely hope ... e fuedal system, well life span... zilch, na wa i me...?\\\\ \\\\ yes sir, i am going to go out and hug a tree killer today...hey go ahead and kill the whole goddamned rain forest today, ...lots of power lunch hugs, sni... so, by golly, by gum..!\\\\ \\\\ p.s. lets nuke some dolphins too, that out to balance things out, ya
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ove & Will are equivilent terms refering to the same thing -- if in balance. In essence, if one is doing one's Will, one is fulfilling their portion of the purpose for existence. Th... ERT!!! SHUNNER'S ALERT!!!\\\\ \\\\ The Book says "Kill and torture; spare not; be upon them!" If it means it literally then one must decide who "them" i... is obvious since the child in question died. This means that those 9 men killed the child by trying to make it behave or operat... nce the child died due to the actions of the nine men, that it must have been the nine men's will to kill the child, and the child's will to die.\\\\ \\\\
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individual. Given that, like-minded people will sometimes associate in groups for the fulfillment and promotion of their values. All this provi... ere on my screen, ranting on about how they would kill any government offical that took their big 50 cal. away! I somehow wonder if all the trancers and the militias co... nly that they were racy militant occultists--like metallica or megadeth in a way), if they did not insist on marching and speaking publicly, and at last b
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based upon their predation of the sheep. The argument discusses one act, the killing of a sheep by a wolf that then brings it to hi... ject the eternal embrace of the divine and the fulfillment of their True Will. In essence they reject the ... ely what the phrase "Thelemicly-oriented society" means has fueled many a debate and could conceivably fill several articles. Fortunately, such is beyond the... ophile, Rapist, Mass Murdere, &c.\\\\ \\\\ So let me see if I've got this straight: we may legitimately kill those who undermine the social fabric, not becaus
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is highly interpretational and not everything is meant to be taken literally - esp. any lines concerning killing children.\\ \\ [[|**Re: Thelema Is . . .**]]... ye will." Liber AL 1.51\\\\ Man has the right to kill those who would thwart these rights.\\\\ \\\\ Is some part of this unclear?\\\\ \\\\ You know, I'm not ... efined) "True Will" is all about, but it seems to me that if there is anything restricting me at the moment, it would be you.\\\\ \\\\ Do what thou wilt.\
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harter of rights, //Liber OZ,// have the right to kill them, even though I may choose to exercise it only in the most extreme of cases. We must not tolerate Orthodoxy, but we ... will give you of their flesh to eat!" (III:11) / "Mercy let be off: damn them who pity! Kill and torture; spare not; be upon them!" (III:18) /... omment" as a whole. But if we do use the whole Comment (and keep our exegesis private), your two fundamentals are fulfilled without needing to use //Liber AL// to shore up... that can be completely refuted. It just concerns me that the easy response to this is, "Oh what a rel
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r draw the blood from a large animal so it is not killed. Alternatively, use animal menstrum or semen, a good example being a nice free-range organic ... | |93!\\\\ Someone else gotta fill in on Saivism, I don't know it.\\\\ Vajrasattwa p... is Tantric identity though, as it is important to me. It has filled in many of the gaps, for me, in the Egyptian system.\\\\ \\\\ Alex\\\\ \\| |\\
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always wondered why everyone always seems to assume that you have to kill something to get its blood. Haven't they ever cut... ocryphal sources ofcourse).\\ \\ ...tricky bit to me seems Horus avenging Osiris by killing Set, which symbolically might suggest the bala... the Sun of God (ShMsh YHVH-do the gematria...) came and overthrew the restriction of my christian upbringing. Of course I am speaking metaphorically.\\\\ \\| |\\
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