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kchin]]. (Anyone interfering? 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Time’s up! I kill Medusa and gain a level.) I suppose defenders of... ged “it”. (I suppose to be fair there’s also, to fill out the obvious fourth frame, those that don’t use science at all, and so on. ... ing-elderly-neighbours-whistling-Addams-Family-theme-time-saw-them.html|also]], but I also suppose it’s no mystery that both are kind of ooky. But, I furt
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i admit up front that I’ve not spent too much time thinking about promulgation. it’s not my bugaboo, so it doesn’t bug me all that much. but what does bug me is that the topic of promulgation is being used to poke at people... of the current drama around promulgation seems to me to be some people with a hammer looking for nails