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Right Understanding
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not knowing and not understanding that we have come to live so many pain-filled lives.” Whoso, of all men greatest and most for... pity- born compunction, but was ordered in the name of the soul-theory to go on and kill, seeing that the Self was spiritual and could not be destroyed. If such outcomes of the Atta theory as these could make a Shelley rightly cry, “The Name of God hath fenced about all crimes with holiness
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offers an explanation for otherwise obscure phenomena, and fulfills the requirements of the several sciences. We hav... be accounted for on that theory alone. It is only men who are killed in modern warfare, and according to Buddhist ideas such men as would be killed in battle would be the sort of men that would take rebirth as men, and not as women. Many other sim
The Law of Righteousness.
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n future in proportion to the evolutionary advancement of the life destroyed;—less for the killing of the caterpillar than of the cat, less for c... once how its infliction causes pain to the thing killed,—a little further consideration will shew us how that suffering comes home, too, to the one that kills. Let us suppose, for example, that you kill some creature out of wanton carelessness; say, walking in the road, you crush an ... vitable reaction will surely follow;—only, if you kill some nerve cells of your own body that reaction, the pain of it, will come home swiftly, in perhaps quarter of a second or l