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Part 3
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rever," but only as long as the project proved fulfilling. By Socialist/Utopian standards these experiments were "failures," and therefore we know little ... ate: he was too old and sick. But Il Duce had him killed anyway--pushed off a balcony--and turned him into a "martyr." As for Fiume, though it lacked the //seriousness// of the free... e about certain aspects of our quest. It was in some ways the last of the pirate utopias (or the only ... irst modern TAZ. I believe that if we compare Fiume with the Paris uprising of 1968 (also the Italian
Hakim Bey Talks with users of Public Netbase March 18.1995
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y and obstreperous. So the city of Philadelphia came in and burned down 90 square blocks of the city and killed everybody, with one or two exceptions, includin... ide increasing repression from the Mafia that becomes bigger and kills more and more people like us? **H.Bey:** > I t... importance on these different forms. It seems to me that they are fulfilling a very closely similar functions in their vari... aid in the paper that freedom is a psychokinetic skill, by which I meant its skill, which is developed through the self
Part 2b
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my REMs bring verdical near-prophetic visions or mere Viennese wish-fulfillment, only kings & wild people populate my night. ... enjoy a caveman's wildness or else have its mouth filled with gold by some prince. Bureaucrats & sales personnel poison it, ... e ghoulish tastes of the eighties? Death can only kill me once- -till then I am free to express & experienc... is project just as obstructively as censorship or media- brainwashing. It sets up negative feedback lo
Part 2a
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, & struck. Spontaneously the unarmed master disarmed the officer & returned his sword. Again & again the officer tried to kill, using every subtle //kata// in his repertoire--but out of his empty mind the hermit each time invented a new way to disarm him. The officer of course became his first disciple. Later, they learned how to //dodge bullets//. We might contemplate some form of metadrama meant to capture a taste of thi
The Obelisk
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h is poor, because desire is that which is not fulfilled—but from this poverty there emerges an aesthetic of wealth, an overflowing, a generosity or even painful excess of meaning—under the guise of melancholy and disappointment. Aside from the inadvertancy of the unseen, there also exists a more acti
The Occult Assault on Institutions
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st four forms, however, in that while it lasts it fills the horizon of attention of all its participants; it becomes (however briefly) a whole society. 6) Finally, ... ggesting attentats against News fascists, or even killing Geraldo's dog, for several reasons which still seem sufficient to me. For one, I have taken to heart Nietzsche's remar... nd futility of revengism as a political doctrine. Mere reaction is never a sufficient response -- much... structure the possibility of actually changing something -- even if it's only a few "minds". In other
Part 1
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eful to frighten malign demons, delight children, fill the air with brave & risky-smelling haze. Class C Thunder Bombs from Kwantung, ... erflies, M-80's, sunflowers, "A Forest In Springtime"-- revolution weather--light your cigarette from ... uccubi, oppressive spirits, police-ghosts. Call some kid with a smouldering punk or kitchen match-- shaman-apostle of summer gunpowder plots--shatter the heavy night with pi
Islam and the Internet: Net-religion, a War in Heaven
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ure by Peter Lamborn Wilson [[|MetaForum II/NO BORDERS/Budapest]]\\ Networking Conference Budapest,October 6, 1995\\ I don... It's interesting to watch the net and to approach media ecology, and the internet, specifically from t
The Utopian Blues
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an art to provide education, propaganda, entertainment, artistic transcendence, and erotic fulfillment -- all at once. Sound, sight, intellect, all the senses will respond to the complex multi-dimensional emblems of the opera, made up of words and... , reason and emotion, and perhaps even touch and smell. These emblems will create a direct "moral" eff
Irish Soma
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and impresses everyone with his beauty, and his skill at music and chess. Find-abair falls in love with him. They meet secretly and she gives him her gold thumb-ring.... n the shore, begs Fraoch to swim over and pluck some berries for her. As she well knows, the rowan-ber... t), who attacks Fraoch. In one version, the beast kills him. In another version, as Maeve, her daughter,... do so he threatens her with death. But Fraoch has meanwhile retrieved the salmon from its hiding-place
Involution @bey:radio-sermonettes
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hru mediation & alienation, which attempt to subsume or absorb all creative energies //for// the Totality. Mayakovsky killed himself when he realized this; perhaps we’re ma... modes which seem to promise liberation or self-fulfillment but in fact end by producing yet more mediation & alienation. This complex can be viewed c... to fodder for PBS or MTV or ads for jeans or perfume. On a subtler level, however, the Totality can a... allery or museum, where it will automatically become a mere //representation// of liberatory power. Th
Moorish Weather Report
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d spontaneity. However, the calendar has not yet "killed" Earth nor has it made a metaphysical principle out of "Capital". It still reveres Earth and sacrilizes space/time. One may speak here of a "peasants" utopia - exemplified in so many Chinese myths and social movements - in which agriculture has not yet disrupted t... historical authenticity of this "stage of development", it remains with us as an ideal and even as an