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layer, into which the ropes sank slightly. Next came a tough integument of some sort, covering a jelly-like filling that took up most of the volume. Inside the filling the world floated, seeming at once to be whole, and to be decom... ugh some sort of membrane and had fallen out of some enclosed region into a larger one. The flashing particles became stars filling the sky below me, while above was a great sphe... opens to them that they might create children to fill all lands and times. Whom the Serpent serves in all things; acknowle
The Book of the Seniors
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his right hand in the sign of blessing and asked me to return it. Another flow of force went between us, filling my own aura with a deep violet similar to his ... ent out for adepts of the First Ray willing to fulfill the task set by Sirius. And this is where you yourself come into the story, o scribe who is a god. To tell of... lace where you fit fully, and could use all your skills at once. And always, always, there was that tremendous sense of loss at your separation from your o... t a loss of your higher perceptions. Thus you seemed ideal for the position Sirius sought to fill. After consultation with Sol and Earth, you were
Circle City: The magickal record of the first Comselha Working.
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lyphs, and symbols into the air. The air there seemed filled with these randomly-drifting forms. Some of the... nt increased in size, and created a bubble inside me, a great hollow which eventually filled the entire center of my being. As the sound ch... ead, and not in front of my eyes.) More sounds came from further away, as if the whole city had suddenly become filled with musicians playing similar but not identica... derstood now that much of what I saw that first time was a plan, not yet fulfilled.) I thought that such a temple should be -- mu
The Lotus of the Enochian Temple: Sample Visions, part I
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g. I opened the doors and looked through. Before me I saw a brilliant sun, a light lavender color, filling space around it with an equally-bright corona.... le. When I did this, the astral atmosphere around me immediately became filled with a lemon-yellow color. This was accompanied... er order to show the landscape complete. I saw immediately below me a lush, jungle-like area, filled with tropical birds and wildlife. These birds f... e the actual cloth, like lace, and the blue was some sort of energy filling in the interstices to give the appearance of w
The New Aeon: A Consideration of the Astrological Symbolism
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a situation in which the common man's labor and skills suddenly became a highly valuable commodity. This awareness of se... animals. Predators benefit their prey species by killing individual members, preventing expansion of population beyond t... olution of an individual form leads to the nourishment and development of other forms. The food chain, superficially hierarchical, is actually a food cycl
Enochian Temples
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the equal of Horus, and unconquered though many times has he been killed. And Horus, in his knowing of the ways, did st... iant, sourceless light, containing all colors and filling unlimited space, permeating everything within that space unhampered. Thi... invocation is silence. The magician should try to fill his perception with the energy generated by vibrating the name, and then work from there to identify himself wit... om any star or planet. As the each of the three names is vibrated, the corresponding ring is filled with a circulating current, which in turn draws
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see nothing except vibrating lines of many colors filling my visual field; these were like the visual effects that sometimes come when peaking on LSD. They were accompanied by a s... ! The wonderful Elixer!" in tones of awe. I was momentarily filled with a feeling of wonder, then it faded again. ... central beam of power in that greater temple. It fills me and seems to expand me for a moment. The boat seems caught in an eddy, whirling around within the beam three or four times before passing out of it again, and going on. T
Set / Horus
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t of the three Knights succeeds, signaling the fulfillment of the quest.15 The Grail is brought out.16 Th... uced to three other groups of three knights who came from the south (Gaul), east (Denmark), and west (... st and are captured and imprisoned.19 The Grail comes to their cell and they are sustained by it. The ... st of the three knights is taken up into heaven immediately, taking the Grail and the Spear with him.2
LAZDIXI @browe:91parts
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ed. The handlers took what was useable from the camel in the river, then killed it. The loads were rearranged on the remaining ... e spirit of God both shattered into a million fragments in the shaking of the Voice. Can you hold your... the world? Is your will steady and free of attachment, o Mage? If not, then all your works shall be a... The scene changed to a more abstract plane. I seemed to be in some occult space which refined reality