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The “Arabic” Parts of the Original Rosicrucian Documents @caduceus:articles:2:2
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and Magic (for in those are they of the Fez most skillful) were amended; as there is nowadays in Germany no want of learned Men, Magicians, Cabalists, Physicians, and Philosoph... cuperated and remained in Damascus where “by his skill in Physik he obtained much favour with the //Turks//.” He also became acquainted with the “Wise men of //Damasco// in /... tion, that, when I reached the rose-bush, I would fill my lap with flowers, for presents to my friends; but when I came to the spot, the odor so overpowered my senses, t... so, quotes not credited with footnotes may be assumes to come from the original Rosicrucian texts. [[
Ritual @caduceus:qabalah
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es, so people (particularly those with technical skills) are forced to become more and more specialised. This idea of limitati... hat Oneness can be perceived directly, it has become limited. There is a process of limitation (formation) in which the One (God, if you like) becomes progressively structured and constrained until it reaches the level of thee and me. Magicians and mystics the world over are relativ
MUTUS LIBER @caduceus:articles:1:4
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a preliminary translation of Magophon’s French commentary to the //Mutus Liber//. We are counting on the assistance of skilled proof-readers to produce a final improved versi... osed within a flask onto this flower. This is the mercury. In his other hand he holds another receiver filled with astral spirit to be used according to the ... ce are charged with red berries and white berries filled with active seeds where each one has the power to moult all the impure metals into gold or silver. The so-called mystics - who deny the possibility of the metallic work and have found nothing in the allegori
Gevurah and Chesed @caduceus:qabalah
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ephira Gevurah is translated as "strength", and sometimes as "power". The sephira is also referred to by its alternative titles of Din, "justice", and Pac... The title of the sephira Chesed is translated as "mercy" or "love", and it is often called Gedulah, "m... and as it takes a conscious being (e.g. thee and me) to comprehend the world in terms of forms which
Having and Keeping Secrets: Some Words About Silence and The Hermetic Art of Secrecy @caduceus:articles:1:3
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d on only after the apprentice has worked at the skills. This is something of what Confucius meant when he said that you can tell if people are w... do in a human habitat. He furnished a studio apartment, brought the ape in, installed it in an easy ch... r, who suddenly hears a noise and realizes that someone has been watching<sup>[[having-and-keeping-sec... r of a scene suddenly experiences a vertiginous moment of being thrust to the periphery — a moment of
A Different Kind of Four-Letter Word @caduceus:articles:2:1
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[[powells>1567187447|Powell's]] Most modern Hermeticists are familiar with Donald Tyson by way of h... any of the strengths of that earlier work, and it fills a space in the literature of the Western magical... ich, until now, has been largely vacant. At the same time, though, it suffers from several perplexing failings, which should be kept in mind by those who