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es, so people (particularly those with technical skills) are forced to become more and more specialised. This idea of limitati... hat Oneness can be perceived directly, it has become limited. There is a process of limitation (formation) in which the One (God, if you like) becomes progressively structured and constrained until it reaches the level of thee and me. Magicians and mystics the world over are relativ
Gevurah and Chesed
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ephira Gevurah is translated as "strength", and sometimes as "power". The sephira is also referred to by its alternative titles of Din, "justice", and Pac... The title of the sephira Chesed is translated as "mercy" or "love", and it is often called Gedulah, "m... and as it takes a conscious being (e.g. thee and me) to comprehend the world in terms of forms which