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Kill Me! @campbell:blog
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me!” The trouble is that the versification reads “kill me!” and not “fill me!” It appears, based on the recently discovered co... iled annotation, that the line should have read “…kill me!” after all, and that Crowley simply – and appare... note. However, it’s the note that stuck when it came to publication of //The Book of the Law//, with “fill” instead of “kill”. This discovery brings up some interesting questions, but I agree with the current authoritative st
Red Dragon @campbell:blog
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making the philosopher’s stone (almost certain to kill you), how to maim your enemies, making a pact with the Devil, making women dance naked (okay, I’m listening…), and winning ... ttery. All of these, pursuant to the genre, are aimed at very material ends, though again the methods are straight out of a B-grade horror film. There is... n: wise counsel, indeed.[2] However, there are elements of the grimoire tradition in it that are not s