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Liber Conjunctus
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lationships of this sort (and thus may involve tremendous pain) or it may be filled with them (both, perhaps leading to what is sometimes called the 'Great Rite'). For some a period of time is required in order to grow into Intimacy. Fo
The Ritual of the Blessed Motherboard
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\ In atonement bills I pay to thee\\ Of thy modem killing hand let me be free The HP tosses the phone bill into the fi... r they intone - Blessed Mother, Sacred Goddess come to bless your users\\ Keep us safe from disk cras... y mistress;\\ I shall not be in want\\ She maketh me lie down on soft bedding\\ and leadeth me to think of rumpling it\\ She revives my soul <when I thoug
Defining Chaos
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ng the `angle of departure of consciousness and time,' is a knack rather than a skill." There are other methods to utilize the same concept that Spare explains for us. Magicians since Spare have written about their own methods and expantions of his method quite frequentl
The Pact
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ndoned ammunition dump dug deep into a mountain somewhere in the Rhineland, two magicians, one English... couple of dozen other magicians. Soon after we emerged from the bowels of the mountain a localized tornado hit immediate area. This was but a small portent of things to come. We left the mountain with no particular idea ot