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f scholarship {118} -- "The Arabian Nights" alone fills sixteen very large volumes -- and it is well known what an enormous amount of time Edison habitually devotes to the science of his work. Yet all these men have lived to a considerable age. Burton, altho... l, lived to be sixty-nine years old. This temperament is, as a rule, singularly contemptuous of emoti
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ites his admiration. He is, therefore, often extremely superstitious, in the true sense of the world. He is scrupulous in fulfilling conventions whose very object may have been fo... always happened to the prophets and martyrs of times past. One cannot help saying that this is very unwholesome advice. It kills at the root self-criticism, the most useful facu... to antiquity. Byron was always writing of past times and filling his work with allusions to the classics, even ... sical mythology or legend; he imitated the actual meters used by Greek poets or French, using such for
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tion in their labors, and are rather in danger of killing themselves with overwork. When filled with enthusiasm, they allow themselves no rest.... the joy of life to the full. "A short life and a merry one" is much nearer to their ideal than a long... ne; they are miserable only when they feel that time is being wasted. In dealing with servants, the tendency is to be generous and somewhat lax; but they are very severe if they fail to
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of the life of man, yet in one way or another air kills more men every year than all the other elements combined. We must never, therefore, think of ... irit of man, but Libra is rude, primitive and untamed. It works on the intellectual plane like the oth... but its function is intensely dynamic. There is something paradoxical in the idea that the invisible s... at rude frankness {94} is the worst possible detriment to the carrying out of one's secret purpose. S
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submit himself to such rigid examination that it kills sentiment. The best of these qualities were magnificently... a woman and to enter precipitately into an engagement which, on reflection, he may find himself unable to fulfill; the native of Sagittarius finds it difficult to lie at the altar, and broken engagements are not uncommon to this type. The sign also p... ence. This seems regrettable, as emotional development is the most needed element in the Sagittarian n