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The Psychology of Hashish
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one occasion taken sufficient Conium (hemlock) to kill forty men without the smallest result of any kind. In Kan... to other people without a lengthy series of experiments, still less to recommend them to try for themselves, unless under skilled supervision. My present appeal is to recognise... iled. "See" Liber O. ED.)) Better still, have a skilled teacher. The experiment is an easy one; with two pupils only (of some dozens) I have failed, and that completely; with ... two contradictory truths. So for the matter of time and space. All time is filled; all space is filled; the phenomenon is infinite and eternal. This
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-nose-sings-at-will." That power has been granted me ever since I felt a strong impulse to kill my {359} wife with an axe. I mastered my impulse,... my own right arm. Having no arm, I could no more kill my wife with an axe. God rewarded me by giving me the power of reading thought, which constitutes a... e. Two young kittens had placed all their hope in me, and I was failing to fill my paternal duty towards them. I was working at m... and conventions. All that hampers him, all that comes in his way to prevent him from fulfilling his sacred duty, must be surmounted and overco
The Dream Circean
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ontmartre shines the "Lapin Agile," a tiny window filled with gleaming bottles, thrilled through by the ... and shrubs, and two dark doors. Roderic Mason came striding up the steepness of the Rue St. Vincent,... e stretched himself, twirled round half a dozen times like a dervish, pocketed his pipe, and went stoo... t the kindly, gay, triumphant eyes were nowise dimmed by time. He knew Roderic at a glance, and give h
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< [[../../../../index.html|]] | [[../../../index.html|Crowley]] | [[../../index.html|Equi... could be here, right now.]]| ====== AMONGST THE MERMAIDS ====== ---- ==== AMONGST THE MERMAIDS ==== "WALK up!" he shouted from the tent door. "Walk up! Walk up! and see the marvellous mermaid! Only four sous!" It was at the Gingerbread
The Opium-Smoker
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\\ Down in the dusk with the dead Galilean: ---\\ Fill me the Cup of the poppy Circean! ==== II ==== Hardly a glimmer to chasten the gloom.\\ Hardly a murmur of Time at his loom.\\ Nothing of sense by the poppy-perfume. {191} Boy, as you love me, I charge you to fold