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ere is always a reason for them, and they are not merely placed in the way as tests of the worker's skill. The whole Operation is so lucidly dealt with ... translation,32 that it would be but a waste of time and space to enter into it fully, and the followi... he reader an idea of the Operation, and in no way meant as a basis for him to work on. Abramelin having first carefully warned his readers against impo
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e naught, and thou shalt be the All! Eat not; all meat shall fill thy mouth: Drink, and thy soul shall die of drouth! Fill thyself; and that thou seekest Is diluted to its ... ction of the All! More; know that this surpasses skill To express its ecstasy. The thrill Burns in the memory like the glory Of some far beaconed promontor... and vein, The light yet holds its choral course, Filling my frame with fiery force Like God's. Now hear the Apocaly... thou wilt! is the sole word Of law that my attainment heard. Arise, and lay thine hand on God! Arise,
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[[eqi03010n#text79|79]] On this occasion the Abramelin demons appeared as misty forms filling the whole house with a pernicious aura, which ... these demons are to be considered as material or mental beings depends upon the philosophic outlook o... ader. Nevertheless, let it be understood that Abramelin is not a work to be taken lightly. The obsessi... equilibrating practices of Yoga which followed immediately upon this Operation, suffered terribly on
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} problem of the ages. Aha, my friend, how mad of me to fill my diary with this cheap introspective stuff! I feel somehow that the affair will end badly. I am writing m... of science chills them; they need eloquence, sentiment. ... Well, I must pay a lawyer for that, if tro... How should it? I have made all safe %%__%%_ trust me! I gave him the drug yesterday. The atropine was