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The Scrutinies of Simon Iff by Edward Kelly
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and autochthonous races. Then the newspapers were filled with long arguments about the Chesidim and ritual murder, the tria... . So far, I have told you how I know that Cudlipp killed his son, and how he came to do it. You may or may not know why he did it, ... ad done it, particularly. He pretended to suspect me, of course. We can see now, thanks to you, that h... rse; I see that now. But I didn’t see it then; to me he was just a bad painter, and I looked no deeper
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That’s a real rat, though, on the floor. I nearly killed it that time. That is the original rat I saw; it’s a real rat.... and body, in his love for humanity; Verlaine became at last the slave where he had been so long the master. Francis Thompson killed himself with opium; so did Edgar Allan Poe. Jam... their failings lie. If they are so amiable as to kill themselves, it is a crime to interfere. You say that while these people ar... tion is no cure. The cure is to give the people something to think about; to develop their minds; to fill them with ambitions beyond dollars; to set up a s
The Burning of Melcarth
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====== The Burning of Melcarth ====== ===== by Mark Wells ===== The Herald of the King of Tyre, born... , made his way through the busy street. In the name of the great god Melcarth, and in the King’s name, he commanded that all strangers should leave the city upon pain of dea
Groans from the Padded Cell
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e rest. As a man got old, beyond the period when skill and experience failed to compensate for lack of strength, he might become an elder by virtue of his wisdom; and, of course,... rity is absolutely necessary to any one who is to fill a position of responsibility. Put a man who has done menial work all his life into an important position. He inevitably becomes a “Jack in office,” harsh, overbearing and tyran... e him well trained servants, he will, when he becomes a man, get things done with perfect suavity and